Dungeon World

Jeezy Petes that is Evil!

Let me preface this by saying my notes from Sunday are somehow gone,
so this is all from shoddy memory.

After taking entirely to long to decide on a course of action our band
of “Heroes” decide to tear the rails off of the bridge. This was hopefully
enough reason for Frumstack to investigate and give us a chance to meet him
more privately. This did the trick and though he brought workers along with
him two of our band were able to catch him and have a pow-wow.

A discussion was held about the beast attacks and their frequency. We also
verified our suspicions about the corruptness of the Mayor and his lackeys.

I can’t for the life of me remember why we knew where to look for the cave
we found, but we did indeed find where the attacks seemed to be emanating
from. Inside the cave we find a shaft that seems to go on forever and ever,
though there are tunnels off of the main shaft every 50-100 feet down. Mandos
informs the paladin that there is so more evil than Sanguinus had ever seen
in his life.

Ink and Nils went down alone to investigate the first tunnel. They found an
unnatural creature like no one had ever seen dead at the end of it. The rest
of the party decided to join them on the rest of the descent. Gruesome
monstrosity’s were found in each branch of the shaft as we descended. The party
finally seemed to reach a stopping point. The shaft continues on, but a large
landing was carved out with various paths leading off into other areas. An
altar of some type is flanked by two huge clear vats containing the penultimate in
abominable creatures suspended in green fluids. Someone had been trying to
penetrate the sides of these vats, for what reason we can not discern. We continue
to investigate and find what seems to have been living quarters for some sort
of religious group long vanished. The party also finds a man confined in a cell
and held in place by a pair of silver chains. He is a tongue less mute, but we are
able to communicate with his rudimentary writing skills as well as shakes and nods
of the head. He is not evil, so we decide to free him and bring him along. As we
get back to the central area we see a red and black vision floating above the altar.
We are accused to stealing his property. Nils insults the “wizard” and is forced to
shape-shift into a wolf. Our newly rescued friend is also forced to shape-shift into
the very same red-eyed wolf we had seen in the past. The wolf lunges at Sanguinus
but is intercepted by Nils’ very own wolf form. As the fight ensues the “wizard”
summons more creatures to his side which appear to be man-like wolves on two legs.
Evil dude also forces Nils to now become a frog who must flee for his life(luckily
it wasn’t a NEWT!). The werewolves are beaten rather soundly, but one tries to
escape with ur doggy friend who has since changed back to a human and the party must
protect him. Our intrepid band makes its escape while the “wizard” is summoning backup.



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