Thief of questionable morals (wait, isn't that all thieves?)


Ink is a thief, probably in her late twenties (she doesn’t actually know how old she is). She is short, thin, and has cropped hair that’s always a mess because she keeps it that way with her dagger. She wears leather armor and keeps the rest of her clothing dark. She usually has a rapier by her side and throwing daggers at the ready. Her eyes give her an evil appearance although she isn’t actually evil. The same, however, can’t be said for her parents.

Ink has struggled to overcome her heritage and would thank the gods (if she believed in any) that her parents only had her for the first twelve years of her life. In these short years she endured more than most people endure in a lifetime and it was only after they left her for dead in a ditch, that she was free of them. Her experiences with her parents have left her with a deep mistrust of people although she did develop a bond with her mentor, Robbin, who taught her the skills a young child needs to survive and thrive.


Ink’s Story
After coming around in the ditch in which her parents had left her, the young Ink (who had a different name then) could barely move. She was covered in bruises and her ankle was broken. She managed to crawl out of the ditch and lay by the side of the road for several hours before a farmer passed by. Finding her, he placed her in the back of his wagon and took her home. The farmer’s wife nursed her back to health and for the first couple of months she was almost happy, but then, after she had recovered from her injuries, they set her to work. Ink didn’t mind working, but she did mind working 14 hours a day, every day.

It didn’t take much for Ink to escape the farm – they thought she’d be so grateful for a roof and a meal that they never thought she might be unhappy – and make her way to the nearest town. Once there, she spent several months in a constant state of hunger until one day, having watched her for some time, an elderly thief named Robbin, smacked her soundly over the head and hauled her off to her warehouse. Robbin had seen the tenacity in the child’s endeavors to feed herself, but with winter approaching Robbin knew the child would be in trouble. So she added her to a small group of “apprentices” and started teaching her the tricks of the trade. Her first solo job was what earned Ink her name. She was to access the rooms of a traveling tax collector and steal whatever coin she could find. While the man was eating his supper in the main room of the inn, she’d entered the rooms and found the coin, but, as she was making a grab for it, she’d upset a small bottle of ink. Instead of fleeing, she’d tried to clean up the mess, getting it all over her fingers and shoes. Slipping out the window, she’d at least had the sense to ditch her shoes, but when the town watch announced it would be looking at everyone’s hands, she’d know she was done for if they found her. The roads in and out of town were blocked, but Robbin had a secret room in her warehouse and Ink had had to stay in that room a full two weeks until her ink-stained fingers were clean. She’d scrubbed her hands everyday with lye and a stiff brush and everyone, including Robbin, made fun of her. From that point forward, no one ever called her anything other than Ink again.

Ink spent several years with Robbin and, although she came to trust the old thief, she didn’t bond with the other apprentices and made no friends. Robbin worried about what Ink would do on her own – the girl’s rashness was a definite hindrance. It wasn’t her thieving skills that Robbin doubted, but rather her thinking skills. Ink tended to assume the worst of everyone, trusted no one, and often acted before she thought. She had a lot of growing up to do and needed to learn to trust others. It was with this in mind that Robbin sent the girl out into the world. She hoped that by working with others from different walks of life that she’d learn. She knew Ink wasn’t evil, but she also knew that Ink worried that she was because of her parents. Sometimes Ink acted in ways that might seem evil, almost as if she was fulfilling her self-prophecy. If she couldn’t find a way to overcome the demons, Robbin worried that Ink wouldn’t last too long, despite her skill with a lock pick.


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