Nils Godmundson

Slightly off, man of action, druid of the northern wastes.




Nils was born to a clan in the frozen wastes of the north. All of his people were close to nature, as without the guidance and protection of the land you were sure to perish in the snow. Even among his clan Nils was a bit of an odd one, he could hear and feel the ebb and flow of nature much more than those around him. His first change came when an orc gang attacked his village. As they were descending upon the village Nils wished a pack of wolves would help his people, then suddenly he was a wolf and he knew he could call on others to save these people from the orcs. He let out a howl and many wolves answered and came from the woods to ravage the marauding orc party. For Nils much of the fight is remembered in bits and pieces, a rending bite here and a savage mauling there. From that point he knew he was a protector of the wild, part of the wild more than a part of civilization.

Nils Godmundson

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