First Night

We first met our party escorting young Sevian through the wilderness. On the fifth night of the journey, Sevian’s eyes took on an odd reddish glow. The rogue, quick of wit and hand, sought to save the party from Sevian’s obvious evil by dispatching him with a dagger through the eye. Upon examining the corpse, the party noticed Sevian was carrying two missives.

The first missive read:
The time is now.. Shadows grow long.. Watch for knives!
and was signed without a name, simply a wax sigil.276886.jpg

The second missive read:
We are almost out of time, plase hurry to help our village
Signed: Jack Frumstick, Council Elder of Mobile

Later that evening, the party was attacked by a massive wolf, which the party overcame by forcing it to retreat. polls_vampire_vs_werewolf_by_sandara_3629_864808_poll.jpeg

Our intrepid party then decided to venture on towards Mobile….

First Night

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